Anonymous Surfing That Works

There are a number of reasons why a person (with nothing to hide) might want to surf the internet anonymously. Let’s take a look:

  • You are using open WiFi either at home, airport, cafe, school. It is very easy to snoop on internet traffic going through open WiFi networks and is done all of the time.
  • Your legitimate work or hobby may entail your surfing web pages with words or phrases, which, taken out of context, could result in attracting unwanted interest from TLA’s (three letter agencies) with a propensity to send black outfitted employees with jack boots kicking in doors at 3 am.
  • Perhaps your surfing needs are blocked by corporate or family filters that prevent you from the information you need (think “breast cancer research” to name just one).
  • You don’t want to trust your local ISP and everyone working there to not “accidentally” monitor your instant messaging, email or surfing.
  • You desire to add one more layer of protection to your online banking and brokerage activities.

The list above is not all inclusive as to why you might be interested in a very low cost anonymous surfing solution, but it’s long enough to get the picture.

For quite some time users with a flare for adventure have at one time or another tried to download, install, configure and use the widely known “free” internet anonymizer called “Tor”. Tor is free, getting a bit easier to use than in the past, and does do a reasonable job of providing internet surfing anonymity.

Tor uses volunteers to offer their computers as Tor servers, sacrificing some of their own bandwidth, to allow Tor clients such as yourself to mask their online identity.

Here are a couple of reasons why I think Tor falls short and you should look at a pay service (although I consider $5.99 per month for a quality service that WORKS to be reasonable):

  • Tor is not for the average everyday user to install and trouble shoot
  • Tor, every time I have tried it, reduces my internet connection to a CRAWL
  • Tor servers are volunteers, unknown to you – certainly many of them are provided by the aforementioned TLA’s (three letter agencies with bloated “war” budgets and propensity to dress employees in black – head to toe)

Here is the anonymous surfing solution I use

Whenever I buy something, if possible, I try it before I buy it. That’s why I love free trials. GoTrusted offers a 7 day free trial of their anonymous VPN service for safe WiFi use and internet anonymity and I signed up.

What I expected was a solution that was semi difficult to install and would slow down my internet connection.


What I found is a phenomenal service that is:

  • Simple to setup
  • Easy to use
  • FAST! – Not only did I see ZERO decrease in web pages loading, but I ran many tests with SpeakEasy’s internet speed test. My download speed was not decreased measurably at all; and my upload speed is actually FASTER!
  • Bonus spam protected email address

I originally expected I would use the GoTrusted secure tunnel only when I specifically had a need for it. But since it is every bit as fast on the downloads and actually measures FASTER on the uploads, why not use it all of the time?

This is one of the few products in recent memory that actually EXCEEDED my expectations and I cannot give it a high enough recommendation.

Get your FREE Trial here and start Anonymous Web Surfing right now.

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Cher Debettignies May 19, 2010 at 4:47 pm

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