Protect Your Identity With LifeLock – Rare Coupon Deal

The more you do online – banking, credit cards, paying  utilities online – the more you are at risk of having your identity stolen or some other problem with your reputation.

LifeLock is the logical solution to the problem (because living offline just isn’t much of a choice anymore).

LifeLock does more to keep your identity safe.  And now, our LifeLock $1 Million Total Service Guarantee is available to residents of New York and the “failure in our service” limitation no longer applies to the Service Guarantee!

Today through November 30th, you can get a 30-Day Free Trial of Any LifeLock Service and 15% Off your final purchase.  This exclusive coupon allows customers to experience the benefits of LifeLock before committing to a monthly or annual subscription.

LifeLock doesn’t offer this kind of a coupon deal very often, and you have to click through THIS LINK to get the special deal.

Fortinet Fortigate Internet Traffic Halts – CPU At 99%

Ran into a wonderful situation yesterday on a Fortinet Fortigate 100C where, every hour on the half hour the internet traffic would cease passing through the router.

The solution was to reboot the firewall.

Turns out, there was a bug in the 4.2 firmware (4.0 build 0272) with the NIDS signature. I believe it was triggered when our Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced server would try to update (hence the every hour on the half hour).

This was diagnosed via the CLI command:

Diag Sys Top 1

Let that run for a few seconds, then hit CTRL-C to stop.

IPSEngine was using 90+ % CPU (the first decimal number in the 2nd to last column is CPU usage, the last is memory usage)

Fortinet support sent me the newer NIDS signature manually, which should be automatic later today.

Fun times.

How To Clean Your PC From Malware When Nothing Else Works

Ordinarily when I go to clean a PC infected with malware I will head over to and grab the free version of their software.

Many malware infections will prevent you from going to their site so you may have to download on a different PC or do so in safe mode with networking. If using a different PC, then transfer the malwarebytes setup file via USB stick.

Then you need to boot Windows in “safe mode with networking” so that you can install malware bytes and download updates.

The other day, though, I had a real badly infected PC where malwarebytes cleaned and fixed over 1000 problems but the machine was still infected. It was easy to determine it was still infected because it would not allow me to go to Windows update.

So I called out the big gun – ComboFix.

ComboFix comes from a website named bleepingcomputer, whose name might scare away the uninitiated.

I ran ComboFix on the malware infected PC, it cleaned the last remaining malware and the customer has been happy ever since.

The good news is that both of these PC infection cleaning utilities are FREE.

Once your PC is clean, protect it with one of my recommended internet security suites.

Here is a video I did highlighting these utilities:

ComboFix download & tutorial

Here is a link to Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus as seen on

Recommended Internet Security Suites

The innovative nature of recent email scams (like the one shown in this video of the fake Amazon email) highlights how important it is to have your computer protected by a reputable internet security suite.

I have NEVER recommended McAfee for anything other than their free SiteAdvisor program (which is free, and not perfect) and the recent debacle they had with a bad signature file that caused untold thousands of computers to go into a reboot loop just recently helps me feel justified on that.

Similarly, I have been hard on Symantec’s Norton products due to performance issues primarily but I want to emphasize here that those issues have largely been corrected.

As such, here is a list of computer internet security suites that I currently recommend and even use for my clients; many offer a great 3 for 1 deal meaning you can install on up to 3 PC’s for hardly any more money than 1 – ideal for homes with more than 1 PC or a small office:

Symantec Norton Internet Security is very mainstream and is easy to tell your friends is the one you use.

Eset is said to be the best antivirus by many, sort of a boutique firm. Firewall is optional purchase.

AVG has a free version, but the paid software is an upgrade.

Panda internet security is highly acclaimed.

Trend Micro has been a reliable option over the years for many of my clients on their home PC’s.

ZoneAlarm has always been known for their software firewall product that was pretty much the first of its kind. I have used this product in many small office situations.

Don’t Get Blue Screened Over 977165

Many computers experienced BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or continuous reboots after applying security update 977165. Often this was an indicator that the PC was infected with a rootkit virus.

Microsoft has a free “fix it” tool that will scan your PC and let you know if they think you will have a problem installing 977165.

It does not FIX anything, just let you know if it’s probably safe to do the fix.

Find the utility here:

Microsoft Fix It for 977165

Free Tools To Eliminate Rootkit

Many of us IT Pros have been holding off installing MS10-015 (977165). Reports of BSOD (blue screen of death) warranted caution.

Turns out those PC’s doing the blue screen typically were infected with Alureon rootkit (aka TDSS, Tidserv, TDL3).

So you want to make sure you are not infected with that rootkit before applying this patch.

Here are some free tools to do that:

Kaspersky TDSSKiller

Hitman Pro 3

Beware of Suspicious Emails and Attachments

There have been a lot of really authentic looking emails coming from spammers with viruses, trojans and malware – usually as an attachment.

Do you know which email to be suspicious of?

Here is a short video I did to warn PC users and help them identify what might be harmful to your PC.