Dell PE1600SC Slow POST Fixed

With my small business computer consulting clients I have a tendency to wring out every last bit of use from each piece of quality computer hardware we buy.

So, because I have found time and again (including this morning in an unrelated SBS 2003 server problem) that splitting up tasks between multiple servers is much preferable for uptime and reliability over having everything done by one server, I use older servers like the Dell 1600SC with a fresh copy of Windows Server loaded to take over jobs from the SBS Server.

One such Dell PE1600SC was recently loaded with Windows 2008 just to run WSUS (Windows Update Server) and Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security; not too heavy of a load.

For the installation and configuration work it was setup at a separate desk solely for my convenience, but now that it was up and running I went ahead and moved it into the server rack and connected it to my TrendNet TK-423 KVM Switch. It uses a PS/2 keyboard connection and a USB plug for the mouse.

When the server was powered on, though, I noticed that the POST (Power On Self Test) was EXTREMELY SLOW; like 10 minutes instead of 1 or 2. Once Windows Server was running, though, it seemed fine EXCEPT I had no mouse!

Powered off and back on, same exact SLOW POST and no mouse. Windows stated that a USB device failed.

Taking a cue from another older box in the rack, I put the USB to PS/2 converter on the mouse plug and and, with the server powered off, plugged into the PS/2 mouse connection instead of the USB.

POST went through at normal speed, mouse worked once Windows was up and running.

Sheesh, fickle hardware.

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