Here at the FreeComputerConsultant.com we have a very simple disclosure policy:

  1. I charge my offline clients a bunch for my work and advice; I charge you, my online “client”, nothing.
  2. I may seek ways to monetize this website in order to cover the costs of hosting, web tools, email list service, etc.
  3. I may accept advertising.
  4. I might accept compensation for product reviews if offered.
  5. Links that appear on this website may be affiliate links that will generate a commission for me if you find value at the product/service destination and decide to become a customer of theirs.

My pledge to you:

I will NOT allow any compensation, commission, ad revenue or whatever to sway my opinion on what I tell you.

Ask those who know me personally, I tell it like it is. Rather loudly at times. I’m not bashful about my opinions.

If I suggest a product or service it is because I think you might find it of value regardless of whether there is anything in it for me.

When I change my opinion of something I have suggested, I will quit suggesting it. Same goes the other way – I may decide to promote a product that I previously slammed if the facts have changed.

“If the facts change, I change. What do you do, sir?”