Dualview – Buy a Second Monitor and Double Your Desktop

Today I had some people really excited. It wasn’t the new Dell Laptop (see my Laptop Buying Guide), but the Samsung 940n that I set up as a 2nd monitor and configured for nVidia’s Dualview option.

With Dualview, the second monitor is an extension of the desktop. Just grab a (non maximized) window’s title bar and drag it over to the second screen. Then maximize it there if you want, or not. You can even tell nVidia to remember which screen a program was on last and open it there next.

You just can’t imagine what it’s like until you’ve tried it. I set it up for one user today and had 2 others immediately begging for it.

LCD monitors are getting cheap. I bought this one on —-
– under $200 after rebate and free shipping.

Try it, you’ll like it.

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