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Euro Millions Jackpot Winner Wants To Share With Me

Email Scams - Don't Believe Them

Today is my lucky day, if you believe the email scam I received explaining that a family who won the Euro Millions Jackpot of (Pounds Sterling) 148 Million (over US$238 Million) wants to share the wealth with 25 other people of whom I happen to be one of.


Who believes this stuff?

How did they select my email, if it were legit (which it’s not).

Breaking Down The Scam Email

When trying to determine if an email is a scam, here are some helpful tips.

I know YOU don’t need these tips, but somebody does, because if this stuff didn’t work, no one would do it. Since they keep doing it, we know it works.

  1. First, if it sounds like a “free lunch” remember that there is no such thing. Free money from a European lottery winner? Right. Nigerian Prince? Right.
  2. Look at the email address. I’m in the U.S. and this email came from a .se domain (, which is Sweden. Yes, Sweden is in the continent of Europe, and maybe they have the Euro lottery there, but there currency is the Swedish Krona – actually a pretty strong currency. The igp.uu doesn’t look too promising either.
  3. What do they want you to do? Well, this email simply gives another email address to contact, and it happens to be an address at Not one I’ve heard of, but who knows on that. Typically they want more out of you but in this case I’m sure that will come in the next email – if I contact them, which I won’t.
  4. Look at the grammar. This one isn’t too bad, but it’s not perfect. And the use of “Surplus Greetings” and “Surplus Regards”??? Is this from Google translate or what?
  5. Does it make sense? Besides someone giving away money, why wouldn’t a Euro Millions lottery pay out in Euros and not British Pounds? Maybe, I didn’t check into whether such a lottery even exists, but it just doesn’t smell right.

Here is the text of the SCAM Email

Surplus Greetings,

If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky fellow to
benefit from us.On behalf of my self and family i am happy to inform you that i and my wife Gillian have chosen you to be
one of our beneficiaries on our Euro Millions Jackpot win of L148m(One hundred and Forty Eight Millions Pounds)that held
last August.Based on the win we decided that just 25 people be selected for this
benefit,leaving each beneficiary with 1.5 million Great Britain Pounds each to better their lives because we cant enjoy it all
alone,as the win is for sharing.

This might appear strange but its a reality,so do get back to Adrian and Gillian  quickly via email at

Surplus Regards,

Anna Segerman

 Adrian and Gillian Bayford

So there you have it.

What To Do If You Get This SCAM Email

If you get this Scam email, do this:

  • Smile, because you’ve been warned about it
  • Delete it
  • Never think of it again. No, you did not miss out on 1.5 Million British Pounds

Best Regards,

PCRoger 🙂

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