How To Upgrade A Laptop To A Larger Hard Drive With Acronis

I fielded this question today about upgrading a laptop to a larger hard drive with Acronis True Image software.

Here is the question:

Hello there, i am in no way a computer “techie” but i am in need of some help. I have a Dell Inspiron e1505 and what i want to do is replace the hard-drive on that computer with a larger one because i have occupied the space on the hard-drive i have currently. Is it as simple as putting in Acronis True Image 2010 and copying the hard-drive onto the disk and then sliding in the new hard-drive then copying it? Or is there more to it. My idea seems to be way to simple, but if it works i wouldn’t be disappointed! Thank you for your help and great videos!

Here is my answer:

Question: do you have an external hard drive with plenty of space on it?

If so, you can install Acronis True Image, create a recovery CD.

Boot from the recovery CD and image the old HD onto the external one.

Then install the new hard drive

Boot from the recovery CD and restore from the external HD to the new, bigger internal one.

If you do NOT have an external hard drive, you can either get one (I recommend a compact model that gets power via the USB cable, although they are not as high of capacity…)


Get a Vantec USB HDD Adapter, use that to connect the new HD to the laptop and CLONE directly from the old HD to the new HD after booting from the recovery CD.

Vantec adapter:

Acronis True Image 2010:
(currently $10 off)

External USB Powered Hard drive:

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  1. I’d like to try your process to change my laptop from an 80Gig drive to a newer 320Gig. No problem with an external drive and TrueImage, but I’m concerned because my original drive was partitioned into 4 logical drives: C (for the OS), D (for temp and paging files), E (for applications), F (for data).

    I figure the Registry has entries that point to E and F, so on the new drive, I might have to keep the old partition scheme…

    Am I assessing the situation correctly?

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