Laptop Hard Drive With Adapter

Remove Adapter To Use Vantec USB HDD Adapter

laptop hard drive with adapter - markup
IDE Laptop Hard Drive With Adapter

I do a lot of articles and videos on data recovery and anymore prefer the Vantec USB Hard Drive Adapter for easily connecting an IDE or SATA hard drive of either size (laptop or desktop) to a working computer via USB.

Once connected to the PC, the problematic drive, as long as it’s still functional hardware-wise (Windows may be crashed), Windows should assign a drive letter to the drive an allow you to explore, copy files, diagnose and often even run repair utilities.

If you do NOT get a drive letter but the drive appears to be found by windows (via messages in the taskbar or seeing it in device manager) then watch this video on USB drive letter missing.

Data Recovery With Vantec USB Adapter

My videos on data recovery with the Vantec USB adapter can be seen on my FreeCompConsultant Channel at YouTube in the Data Recovery Playlist.

Often, though, I get a comment from a viewer saying that the Vantec adapter would not fit on their laptop drive. Since the Vantec adapter will fit either 2.5″ (laptop), 3.5″ (desktop) IDE and SATA hard drives, my reply is always to check for the existence of a proprietary “adapter” on the laptop hard drive to interface it to the laptop.

Since that question is frequent, I wanted to post a couple of pictures of what this looks like.

First, a photo of the laptop hard drive with adapter:

laptop hard drive with adapter - normal
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And here is that same photo with a red dashed line showing where the adapter stops and the drive starts:

laptop hard drive with adapter - markup
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Removing The Laptop’s Adapter

Typically that adapter can be removed from the laptop hard drive by carefully grabbing each side and slowly (with slight wiggle) pulling STRAIGHT off of drive.

Once the adapter is removed you should see a normal hard drive connector that will plug into the Vantec USB Hard Drive Adapter.

Here are some photos for help in how to identify hard drives.

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