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Online Tech Support is a growing business. When the economic disaster hit a couple of years ago I even had small business clients asking me for ways to avoid paying me $110 per hour for my services.

Paying a reasonable fee to someone who can fix your PC remotely for a fraction of what I can do it by coming on site makes a lot of sense to companies and individuals alike.

Truth be told, I was never that fond of fixing PC problems anyway. I would much rather PREVENT them through a well planned and executed strategy based on my decades of experience. That way, no one gets excited and I can take a break to eat whenever I want!

Tee Support is the #1 place providing remote technology services to consumers and small businesses for their PCs, peripherals, devices and software applications 24/7. Tee Support live online tech support is powered by highly qualified experts who are 100% with Microsoft certifications.

Every’s expert must pass rigorous testing, training and obtain Microsoft certifications, like MCSE and MCTS before helping their customers.

As most consumer technology problems are software related, Tee Support, originally as the leading software vendor for years, can fix the problems remotely using our safe, secure, proprietary technology – software + trained experts. The consumer does not have to unplug the computer and take it to be fixed. From virus removal to system maintenance, Tee Support experts have assisted consumers from over the world with their PC’s and a wide range of devices including printers, routers, home networks, digital cameras, MP3 players and more.

Whether your PC is infected and needs to be cleaned or has just slowed from a gradual progression of life with Windows and needs a PC speed up.

Then report back here with a comment on how it went.

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