When The Virus Won’t Let You Download A Fix

The other day I was again using CombFix to clean what turned out to be a keylogger on a client’s PC.

I found, though, that when I tried to run ComboFix.exe, the file downloaded, nothing happened.

So I renamed the file (and I suggest you do this as you save the file when downloading it just to avoid a potential problem) temp.exe instead of ComboFix.exe and I was able to run it and clean the computer.

Note also that I had booted into Windows XP “Safe Mode with Network” by pressing the F8 key just after the system powered up, thus activating the Windows XP boot menu.

How To Kill Stink Bugs

kill-stink-bugsStink Bug Problem? – Here is how to kill stink bugs and other pesky insects trying to get into your home or office. Spiders, wasps in addition to those pesky, smelly, insects.

Every fall we have this problem when the fields are harvested and the weather cools. These nasty bugs (and others) try to get into the house, car, everywhere.

I spray with an insecticide that has a residual of several weeks so it keeps on working. Save the cost of an exterminator!

This video shows a product that is inexpensive and easy to use. Considered safe for home, children, carpet & walls – but do your own due diligence to make sure you are satisfied.

Cyper WP Insecticide

Pick up this product at Amazon.com.

Online Tech Support 24×7

Online Tech Support is a growing business. When the economic disaster hit a couple of years ago I even had small business clients asking me for ways to avoid paying me $110 per hour for my services.

Paying a reasonable fee to someone who can fix your PC remotely for a fraction of what I can do it by coming on site makes a lot of sense to companies and individuals alike.

Truth be told, I was never that fond of fixing PC problems anyway. I would much rather PREVENT them through a well planned and executed strategy based on my decades of experience. That way, no one gets excited and I can take a break to eat whenever I want!

Tee Support is the #1 place providing remote technology services to consumers and small businesses for their PCs, peripherals, devices and software applications 24/7. Tee Support live online tech support is powered by highly qualified experts who are 100% with Microsoft certifications.

Every TeeSupport.com’s expert must pass rigorous testing, training and obtain Microsoft certifications, like MCSE and MCTS before helping their customers.

As most consumer technology problems are software related, Tee Support, originally as the leading software vendor for years, can fix the problems remotely using our safe, secure, proprietary technology – software + trained experts. The consumer does not have to unplug the computer and take it to be fixed. From virus removal to system maintenance, Tee Support experts have assisted consumers from over the world with their PC’s and a wide range of devices including printers, routers, home networks, digital cameras, MP3 players and more.

Whether your PC is infected and needs to be cleaned or has just slowed from a gradual progression of life with Windows and needs a PC speed up.

Then report back here with a comment on how it went.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 Sports Windows 7 Integration

Acronis True Image Home 2011 is the latest version of my favorite disk imaging software. Windows 7 includes an imaging utility, but like most built in Windows apps, lacks full features.

Acronis True Image Home is reasonably priced and makes backup and restore much easier.

Improvements include integration in the Backup and Restore section of the Control Panel; ability to view and restore previous file or volume versions from the Context menu; backup and restore of Windows libraries; and the ability to launch Acronis® True Image Home 2011 from the Windows 7 Taskbar.

Some of us have never felt the user interface was the best it could be with True Image, and thankfully the UI has been improved.

A redesign of the GUI includes new features like Drag and Drop for faster navigation. Wizards and One-Click configuration tools select the best backup and restore options for your needs.

Learn more about the new Acronis True Image Home 2011.

Finally – A Blog Theme With SEO That Works!

Apologies to all who have suffered the appearance of this blog for so long.

The previous theme was, at the time, blue and 3 columned. That was my criteria. I knew zilch about SEO (search engine optimization) and I figured I would “get to it eventually”.

Enough is enough. Time for a theme that PC users looking for computer help can find with Google.

What you see is the latest Thesis theme. No it is not free, but the last theme was – and you get what you pay for.

Thesis has built in SEO and with version 1.8 the SEO is better than ever!

As I have a chance I will dress things up a bit. In the meantime, the videos should now fit width-wise, and I will benefit from free Google traffic.

If you have been looking for a theme that will do what you need to do, very easily, with great tech support, check out Thesis theme.

What Would You Do With Your Police Departments Website?

I really, REALLY love it! Man busted by traffic camera gets revenge on Police Department. Legally.


Red light and speed cameras suck. There is no officer to explain the situation to. Pretty much no appeal. Some municipalities are even making SURE you don’t try to fight the ticket by assessing $500 – $2500 administrative penalties on you if you try to fight it and fail.

Do I like it when people blow a red light? NO! But I have seen a squad car pull out and nab an offender. The officer KNOWS there were no mitigating circumstances, but the driver immediately gets to face his accuser anyway (in a manner of speaking). Cameras watching our every move are NOT the answer.

Especially when some cities SHORTEN THE YELLOW LIGHT coincident with installing red light cameras.

Here is the scoop on the Bluff City, TN website and domain name:

The Bluff City, TN webmaster was on sick leave; the domain did not get renewed on time. This enterprising individual was at GoDaddy at the right time and grabbed the rights to the Police Department’s domain.

So what would YOU do if you had YOUR Police Departments domain name and could put up the website of your choice?

Here are some ideas I can think of:

  • Post ads for radar detectors with GPS positions of known traffic cameras
  • Upload photos & videos “honoring” the local Police force:
    • Here’s one of Sgt. Joe Blow doing what he does best – Eating a donut! Oh-O, Sgt. Joe, that belt looks like it’s getting kinda tight..
    • Here’s a video of Car 12 making a left turn into a parking lot WITHOUT using his turn signal – “Where’s a cop when you need one?”
    • This is me pacing Car 2 (the lieutenant) doing 41 in a 30. Hope he doesn’t look in his mirror and see me tailing him because, unlike the Lt., I am NOT above the law.
  • Provide a list, with map & photos of all the favorite spots the Police Department use for speed traps – the old fashioned kind where there is actually a POLICE OFFICER writing the ticket.
  • Here is an idea that is already being put to use at BluffCityPD.com – links to helpful articles on how to get out of paying red light and speed camera tickets.
  • Advertise for attorneys who you can hire to fight tickets.
  • Put up a petition asking for signatures to take the cameras down.

This is just for starters.

Please add comments with ideas of your own.

SHARE! this post with your friends, let’s get the word out.

When ComboFix Does Not Completely Clean Your PC

When I wrote about Cleaning Your PC With ComboFix a short time ago, I had not run into a problem that ComboFix did not fix.

Well, that changed over the weekend. I had a REALLY infected PC to clean, it had rootkits and all.

First problem was that it would not boot into Windows Safe mode so I could run ComboFix. The malware had attached itself to iastor.sys, the Intel hard disk subsystem file.

So I had to do a Windows Repair Install, then run ComboFix.

ComboFix reported that the file “ACCWTROL.DLL” was trying to attach itself to ComboFix and that it would be disabled and that I should write down the name of that file in case we needed it later.

I was never informed by ComboFix that we needed it, but some things still were NOT working right.

After searching around a little, I finally renamed ACCWTROL.DLL in C:\Windows\System32 and gave it an extension of  “.suspect” to disable it.

Voila, PC fixed.

So, yes ComboFix tipped me off, but no, it did not clean the PC completely by itself. But, hey, whaddaya want for free?

How To Upgrade A Laptop To A Larger Hard Drive With Acronis

I fielded this question today about upgrading a laptop to a larger hard drive with Acronis True Image software.

Here is the question:

Hello there, i am in no way a computer “techie” but i am in need of some help. I have a Dell Inspiron e1505 and what i want to do is replace the hard-drive on that computer with a larger one because i have occupied the space on the hard-drive i have currently. Is it as simple as putting in Acronis True Image 2010 and copying the hard-drive onto the disk and then sliding in the new hard-drive then copying it? Or is there more to it. My idea seems to be way to simple, but if it works i wouldn’t be disappointed! Thank you for your help and great videos!

Here is my answer:

Question: do you have an external hard drive with plenty of space on it?

If so, you can install Acronis True Image, create a recovery CD.

Boot from the recovery CD and image the old HD onto the external one.

Then install the new hard drive

Boot from the recovery CD and restore from the external HD to the new, bigger internal one.

If you do NOT have an external hard drive, you can either get one (I recommend a compact model that gets power via the USB cable, although they are not as high of capacity…)


Get a Vantec USB HDD Adapter, use that to connect the new HD to the laptop and CLONE directly from the old HD to the new HD after booting from the recovery CD.

Vantec adapter: http://www.PCRoger.com/go/vantec-usb-hdd-adapter/

Acronis True Image 2010: http://www.PCRoger.com/go/acronis-true-image-home/
(currently $10 off)

External USB Powered Hard drive: http://www.PCRoger.com/go/usb-powered-hard-drive/

Eset Coupon Deals

Eset Computer Security products are among the finest out there.

One advantage to Eset antivirus is that it is not one of the top tier companies in POPULARITY, even though it is one of the finest. What that means for you is that malware which specifically turns off or avoids a Symantec Norton security product, or McAfee (which I never use) or even Trend Micro, Eset they do NOT target.

That means Eset can sometimes give you protection when the bigger boys don’t.

Here are some Eset coupon deals, just click the link – no special coupon code or discount code required.

Save $20 off Smart Security for 3 PCs (1 year).

Save $25 off Smart Security for 4 PCs (1 year).

Save $20-$37 off on Smart Security products when you purchase 1 or 2 year service for 3 or 4 users.

I personally have used Eset security products with some of my clients and been well satisfied with the results.