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  1. Saw that your account was closed, maybe its some of the sites that your recomend that has been hacked and someone complained. Anyway i hope nobody gets viruses from the videos since they say they reformat them -but obviously some may not have been done , I had a casue that i thought i was redirected to a fake youtube-loginpage, and yes I adblock +betterprivacy.Anyway I didn’t log in after a week I reinstalled windows- nothing was found on the computer. And now i use redirectremover also. ( I searched on the topic youtube fakelogin but obviously only 1 had like ever written about it on youtubeforum-which must be fake)

  2. From everything I’ve read, a normal complaint would not have terminated (with extreme prejudice) my account. Something really weird is going on or it’s a “simple mistake”.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.


  3. They saw “How to make money on line” and read no further. Some fool said “It’s just advertising, spam” and that was that. The information you provide has always been much valued in this house, and am so sorry you were victimized in this way.

  4. I thought about that, but this particular video is lame compared to most in that category, and, at worst that should only amount to a “strike”, expiring in 6 months. And the video has been around for a long time, why now? Just getting around to it?

    Much appreciate your comment and support.


  5. Hi Roger:

    Thanks for the post re YouTube even though it’s not good for you. You are certainly a respectful Imer and know that something has happened to your account through no fault of yours.

    Yes it is bad that there is isn’t any way to have a fair review of your site with YouTube (Google). I know how you feel as I have had two Facebook accounts terminated and like you, with no resource to find out really why. This means that other people who maybe jealous of your account and content can put you in harms way and they get the power to have accounts terminated.

    This process needs to be reviewed by the large social sites to make accountability more fair, but that would put too much emphasis on them to moderate the process. It’s easier for them to just terminate accounts.

    Thank you for your post and I certainly agree it’s a poor system for IMers like us.

  6. Thanks Cathy.

    The thing is, even sites like EzineArticles.com point you to a “specific” item in their terms of service if they reject an article. Perhaps Google is just too small of a company with insufficient financial resources – probably just scraping by – and can’t afford to manage a team of volunteers who I’m sure would be more than willing to help in situations like this 😉

    (At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor – yet)


  7. This stupidity does not belong only to YouTube. Several news sites I visit have a similar policy for comments. A number of times I’ve seen my commenting account terminated for violating their TOS (usually without warning) without ever telling me which of their TOSs I’ve violated.

    Because I’m usually careful to not violate a site’s TOS I’ve tried to follow up and find out why my accounts have been terminated but have never had any success and that may be the most frustrating part. Trying to reach a human has been made nearly impossible and the few times I’ve been able to get that far the person I’ve reached cannot answer with anything less generic than “You’ve violated our terms of service.”

    Being careful to not violate a TOS is no longer enough to prevent having your account terminated for violating the site’s TOS at a lot of high traffic sites. I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon.

  8. Thank you for the post. It’s ridiculous to think that they don’t really give you an opportunity to present your case and just delete the account. Considering the amount of useless junk that’s on YouTube and all the spammy comments I’m surprised that they can actually keep any kind of accounting of what’s what.

    Paired with the fact that YouTube makes it impossible to reach a human being for an answer or a resolution, I wonder how long this site will be around.

  9. Here is a comment I posted over at ProBlogger.net:

    Thanks so much for posting this.

    My experience was similar except that the message when someone tried to play my embedded video was not as nice.

    I wrote the whole story here on my blog before I found this post via warriorforum.


    We did nothing wrong, yet they have locked us out of their business. Walmart can’t do that, it’s illegal. Why is it legal for Google/YouTube?

    And since Google/YouTube rule the web (with the exception of closed community Facebook (note, FB finally noticing a DECREASE in traffic in North America)), it’s not like we can just take our videos elsewhere, just not the same. YouTube videos will rank above any other site in Google results – everything else being equal.

    Google claims to be all about the “experience”, but it’s really about “no one gets to make money on the internet except Google. If our YouTube channel is SOOO bad, why are there SOOOO many great comments and expressions of thanks?


  10. It’s the mighty US of A – what do you expect!!?? Google screwed up my Adsense account nearly three weeks ago now. Have been trying to get a response from them ever since so, good luck!!!

  11. I wonder what is wrong with Youtube these days, I think having a video about making money is really harmless, but I think they just don’t want to deal with it therefore they just bans anything that’s related to that topic…

  12. This same cocky, unreachable attitude pervasive over at Craigslist as well. One can’t even sell a simple basketball without violating some usage policy. If another guy is selling a competing basketball at a higher price, all he has to do is repeatedly flag your basketball for sale posting and Craigslist will yank it! No discretionary review to actually confirm that terms of use were in fact violated.

    Or, if you put some anti-spam or anti-scam verbiage in your posting that says “No. We will not ship this basketball to some far flung region of the globe in exchange for your bogus money order or wire transfer, so don’t even ask!” Your posting will get yanked.

    And try to get a human on the phone at Google, eBay, PayPal or Craigslist is impossible. You’d be more successful reaching Obama in his bedroom. These tech gurus start companies then automate the shit out of it delegating every decision to a computer. They forget the most important thing: Their customers are HUMAN and damnit, you cannot run your monopoly business with computers lacking the critical thinking and discretion and reasoning of a HUMAN!

    Hit ’em where it hurts! Their revenue! Leave ’em!!

  13. Well said and thank you!

    You know, I have only listed a couple of items on Craigslist and I had one yanked that was the epitome of what CraigsList should be for. Included nice photos and everything.


  14. Hey Roger,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m happy that you have your YouTube account back.

    I know this has happened to a big number of important people as well and so I think it’s a red flag to know we have to have backups in place of every single video we make and also not rely our whole business just on YouTube.

    I think Gideon Shalwick recommended to have at least a good reliable third party account where you have all of your videos hosted as well, just in case Google decides to terminate your account, you can just swap the video to the backup account and keep having your business running online.


  15. I read the site of the blogger who got reinstated. Had no idea the only reason they reinstated him is because he was creating so much negative PR. I guess this is what happens when companies get too big.
    I really hope you get your account back.
    Good Luck

  16. I did after a couple of months following up with personal contacts that I was fortunate to have had. thanks.

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