Recommended Internet Security Suites

The innovative nature of recent email scams (like the one shown in this video of the fake Amazon email) highlights how important it is to have your computer protected by a reputable internet security suite.

I have NEVER recommended McAfee for anything other than their free SiteAdvisor program (which is free, and not perfect) and the recent debacle they had with a bad signature file that caused untold thousands of computers to go into a reboot loop just recently helps me feel justified on that.

Similarly, I have been hard on Symantec’s Norton products due to performance issues primarily but I want to emphasize here that those issues have largely been corrected.

As such, here is a list of computer internet security suites that I currently recommend and even use for my clients; many offer a great 3 for 1 deal meaning you can install on up to 3 PC’s for hardly any more money than 1 – ideal for homes with more than 1 PC or a small office:

Symantec Norton Internet Security is very mainstream and is easy to tell your friends is the one you use.

Eset is said to be the best antivirus by many, sort of a boutique firm. Firewall is optional purchase.

AVG has a free version, but the paid software is an upgrade.

Panda internet security is highly acclaimed.

Trend Micro has been a reliable option over the years for many of my clients on their home PC’s.

ZoneAlarm has always been known for their software firewall product that was pretty much the first of its kind. I have used this product in many small office situations.

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  1. I have been using Trend Micro best security suite for my new computer since a year.I feel it is the most comprehensive Anti-Spyware,and removal solution,designed especially for home users.Thanks, for sharing me the list of recommended security softwares intended for home users.

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