Save Your Work – Better than losing it

In the course of my work, I am often at a users workstation with either a problem to fix or software to install.

Naturally, I need the user to exit out of all programs since, anything can go wrong and the probability of that happening increases in direct proportion to how much they have to lose if it does (Murphy’s Law).

In order to cause the least amount of distress to the company, I try to do as much of this type of work as possible when the user is absent from their computer, such as during lunch. The problem, however, is that users leave their workstations for extended periods of time – not only logged in, but with numerous programs and documents open; some not only not saved, but not even named. If it’s just not saved, I can hope they didn’t want to rename it and just save it. If it’s not named, I get to guess and leave them a sticky note.

When I try to track down the user from the lunch room, they whine about having to follow me back to their workstation. Never mind that these are users who have lost work before (due to their own errors and inabilities) and whined about that.

Further, never mind that it is company policy to not only save your work and exit programs AND logoff if leaving for any extended length of time; this is for both safety (of your work) and security purposes.

For some of these people, I have even recommended rebooting their PC before going to lunch, that way if one or more of the poorly written programs they use all day has some memory leaks, the PC is less apt to crash in the afternoon. AND, it guarantees that all programs are closed and the user logged off.

To save and protect your work is pretty simple. Now, just get in the habit of doing it and you’ll be in great shape.

More information can be found at my website on my user behavior page.

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