How To Remotely Reboot Axis IP Camera

Axis 215 PTZ IP Camera with 2 way audio
Axis 215 PTZ Now With 2-Way Audio

There are times when you might want to be able to remotely reboot your Axis IP Camera like I did when I was away from home traveling and logged into check on things and found one camera not providing live video stream.

This method works, provided you have FTP access to the camera and it’s responding. It could be, unfortunately, that you can ping the camera but NOT have FTP control.

In other words, you notice that you cannot get live video feed from your Axis IP Camera, cannot login via the web interface, are not at the same physical location (to just pull the plug and plug it back in) and are hoping to get it back up and running with surveillance video streaming.

Here is the process to reboot the camera remotely via FTP.

1. In Windows open the Command Prompt

2. At the command prompt type in (without quotes) “FTP <ip address of the camera>”

3. You should be now asked to enter a username. Enter the username and password that you setup for the camera. The default is:

User: root

Password: <password>

4. Once you are logged into the camera type in this command press enter and re-type the command again and press enter again. The command is:

quote site reboot

(then press <enter>)

Make sure to enter this command in twice (Just press the up arrow after the first time and it should “re-type” it for you – press enter). It should respond: 200 Command Okay each time or something similar, then go dead as it reboots.

That’s it. If successful, the camera should reboot within a very short time and hopefully all will be well. If this problem happens more than rarely, though, I would open a support ticket with Axis Technical Support.

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