How To Clean Malware From Your PC Using Free Tools

Scan & Clean Your PC With Free Tools

how to clean malware from pc with free tools
Cure Your Malware Problem

I have written a bit about how to clean your PC with Free Tools but I don’t think I have ever done a video SHOWING how to do it, so I figured it’s about time.

Below you will find a new video embedded that will cover the exact process I use on my own PC’s whenever I have any reason to suspect a virus, trojan or malware infection of any kind.

I am not disparaging any paid tools here, there are advantages to them and value received (usually) but not everyone can afford the cost or has often enough use (thankfully) to justify the expense. And since the economy still sucks for a good many people out there, the timing is right for the video.

Free Computer Security Tools

Here are the free tools we will be using in the video:

  • The first is TDSSKiller by Kaspersky Labs (and no, as you will hear in the video, I can never say that name right!) It is an anti-trojan software. Trojans are some of the NASTIEST infections you can get. Here is the link to TDSSKiller at BleepingComputer
  • The second is the FREE version of MalwareBytes excellent anti-malware software. It will scan AND clean your system. They do have a paid upgrade to the software but for the video we use only the free version. Yes, I do recommend the paid version as being worth the cost unless you consider your computing to be low risk. Here is the link to
  • Finally, we take a look at the anti-virus/computer security software we are running. It’s Microsoft Security Essentials which is not only free but also one of the LEAST performance reducing security software packages out there. Get MS Security Essentials here

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Other, More Robust Computer Security (Paid)  Software

A lot of my clients feel more secure with a more robust, paid, security product protecting their PC. Sometimes it’s because they know they have a greater chance of malware due to the types of email they get from friends, the sites they visit (not nasty ones, but ones that get attacked because they are popular) or they download some combination of screensavers, wallpaper, “free” music and videos.

Here are some of the paid security programs we recommend and have worked with:

For Really Stubborn Malware

If you have an infection and can’t seem to get it cleaned, check out this post using yet another free malware cleaning tool or another rather long post I did over at

How To Clean Your PC From Malware When Nothing Else Works

Ordinarily when I go to clean a PC infected with malware I will head over to and grab the free version of their software.

Many malware infections will prevent you from going to their site so you may have to download on a different PC or do so in safe mode with networking. If using a different PC, then transfer the malwarebytes setup file via USB stick.

Then you need to boot Windows in “safe mode with networking” so that you can install malware bytes and download updates.

The other day, though, I had a real badly infected PC where malwarebytes cleaned and fixed over 1000 problems but the machine was still infected. It was easy to determine it was still infected because it would not allow me to go to Windows update.

So I called out the big gun – ComboFix.

ComboFix comes from a website named bleepingcomputer, whose name might scare away the uninitiated.

I ran ComboFix on the malware infected PC, it cleaned the last remaining malware and the customer has been happy ever since.

The good news is that both of these PC infection cleaning utilities are FREE.

Once your PC is clean, protect it with one of my recommended internet security suites.

Here is a video I did highlighting these utilities:

ComboFix download & tutorial

Here is a link to Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus as seen on