What Would You Do With Your Police Departments Website?

I really, REALLY love it! Man busted by traffic camera gets revenge on Police Department. Legally.


Red light and speed cameras suck. There is no officer to explain the situation to. Pretty much no appeal. Some municipalities are even making SURE you don’t try to fight the ticket by assessing $500 – $2500 administrative penalties on you if you try to fight it and fail.

Do I like it when people blow a red light? NO! But I have seen a squad car pull out and nab an offender. The officer KNOWS there were no mitigating circumstances, but the driver immediately gets to face his accuser anyway (in a manner of speaking). Cameras watching our every move are NOT the answer.

Especially when some cities SHORTEN THE YELLOW LIGHT coincident with installing red light cameras.

Here is the scoop on the Bluff City, TN website and domain name:

The Bluff City, TN webmaster was on sick leave; the domain did not get renewed on time. This enterprising individual was at GoDaddy at the right time and grabbed the rights to the Police Department’s domain.

So what would YOU do if you had YOUR Police Departments domain name and could put up the website of your choice?

Here are some ideas I can think of:

  • Post ads for radar detectors with GPS positions of known traffic cameras
  • Upload photos & videos “honoring” the local Police force:
    • Here’s one of Sgt. Joe Blow doing what he does best – Eating a donut! Oh-O, Sgt. Joe, that belt looks like it’s getting kinda tight..
    • Here’s a video of Car 12 making a left turn into a parking lot WITHOUT using his turn signal – “Where’s a cop when you need one?”
    • This is me pacing Car 2 (the lieutenant) doing 41 in a 30. Hope he doesn’t look in his mirror and see me tailing him because, unlike the Lt., I am NOT above the law.
  • Provide a list, with map & photos of all the favorite spots the Police Department use for speed traps – the old fashioned kind where there is actually a POLICE OFFICER writing the ticket.
  • Here is an idea that is already being put to use at BluffCityPD.com – links to helpful articles on how to get out of paying red light and speed camera tickets.
  • Advertise for attorneys who you can hire to fight tickets.
  • Put up a petition asking for signatures to take the cameras down.

This is just for starters.

Please add comments with ideas of your own.

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