Upgrade Hard Drive – Clone it with Acronis True Image

My new Seagate Barracuda ES 250GB hard drive came in and it was time to replace the temporary drive I had setup my new PC with.

Since I eat my own cooking, I chose Acronis True Image to do the job. I added the second hard drive, and with SATA drives, no jumpering is necessary. I booted the PC with the Acronis v8 build 937 CD, a bit old, but it’s what I had handy, using the F8 option on the Asus motherboard bios to choose my boot source as the DVD/RW drive.

Unfortunately, Acronis said it didn’t find and hard drives. I need a later build, or better yet, v9 of the Acronis True Image Workstation or the new v10 of Acronis True Image Home.

Plan B. Boot to XP; Acronis v8 937 was installed on the machine, and it did see the hard drives now. Requires a reboot or two, but the job was done in about the same time. Just tell it how much of the new drive I want partitioned for the configuration of the old drive, keep the old data, and voila!

Up and running on the new drive. Painless, and, even more important, I can save the old drive for a while as a backup. At least until I get a backup image of the new drive anyway (that’s why I told it to “keep data” during the cloning operation).

Learn more about Acronis True Image and you’ll want to start using it for cloning and backup too.

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