USB Flash Drive and Windows 98 – Just Say “No”

Yesterday I was duty bound to try to get USB devices, a USB Flash Drive and, if successful with that, a USB printer, to work on Windows 98SE (second edition – the good one!).

First, I tried an older Kingston 512MB drive. I downloaded the driver from Kingston’s website, installed it, rebooted and inserted the USB Flash Drive. I was prompted with the add new hardware wizard which ultimately told me that an adequate driver could not be found. Been there before.

With USB and Windows 98, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Next, I tried a newer Sandisk Micro Cruzer 1GB. Downloaded the driver from the website, then determined that this was a U3 device which is NOT supported under Windows 98.

Since this PC did not have an internet connection, NIC installed, or WinZip, I was transferring the required files with 2 floppies from another computer.

After neither worked, I figured enough time wasted. I told my friend I would be happy to upgrade the box to Windows XP (PIII 800, 256MB) and in the meantime I had taken the hard drive out and slaved it in another machine to backup the data for him.

It had been a while since I had the displeasure of messing around with USB and Windows 98. At this point I can confidently say – Just Say NO!

P.S. – I love USB Flash Drives. Read more here.

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